Benefits of Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is similar to traditional yoga but the classes are held in a room that is heated up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (35-40 degrees Celsius). The Hot Yoga classes last usually at least an hour and they comprise of regular yoga poses and breathing exercises.

Hot yoga can be taught in a variety of styles from a traditional hatha, to restorative and Yin yoga. Because of the variety of styles, the classes are suitable from beginner to advanced yoga practitioners.

The health benefits of hot yoga are very similar to traditional yoga practice. Hot yoga has been proven to reduce stress, help with depression, to increase flexibility, and build strong core muscles. The heating of the room in hot yoga elevates heart rate and improves metabolism.

Health Benefits of Hot Yoga

Improved Flexibility

During Hot Yoga the muscles stay warm, this means that the body’s flexibility also increases. Warm muscles makes performing complex yoga poses a much easier task. People that practice hot yoga are able to stretch their bodies in positions that they probably would not be able to reach otherwise.

Hot Yoga Promotes Cardiovascular Health

In cold environment, circulation is limited because the blood is concentrated around heart and lungs. In higher temperature, blood flow is much freer and all parts of the body receive a steady circulation. This is a main factor in reducing the risk of heart problems.

Long-term exposure to heat also has been shown to enhance blood vessel function, balance blood pressure. By combining high temperature with yoga poses you get the healing benefits of both the heat and yoga at the same time.

Hot Yoga Weight Loss and Health Benefits

Hot Yoga Weight Loss

Can Hot Yoga help you lose weight? Weight loss is often associated with practicing hot yoga as well. This is because of the dynamic flow of the class and the sweating that comes with it.

Depending on the nature of the practice, you could lose up to 1250 calories per 90 minute Hot Yoga class. And it doesn’t just burn calories, hot yoga sculpts your body too. The hot yoga classes are filled with poses specifically designed to slim your waistline, shape calves and thighs, and create definition in your arms. You can easily find some hot yoga weight loss before and after photos from Google or Instagram.

Hot Yoga Removes Toxins from the Body

Benefits of sweating in hot yoga: The hot temperature naturally makes your body produce more sweat. So a hot yoga class does not only burn fat but also flushes away the harmful toxins from the body. After the class, many students immediately feel the difference of being peaceful and purified.

When it’s not safe to go to a hot yoga class?

Because hot yoga is still a new practice, more research is needed to validate all of its benefits and disadvantages. If you have a medical condition that might affect your physical health, consult with your doctor before attending to a hot yoga class.

Feeling a bit dizzy is normal during the first few sessions of hot yoga, especially to students who are not used to heat and humidity. But as you keep practicing regularly, your body will eventually adapt to the heat.

Hot yoga does not make the muscles sore but excessive exercise can be detected as muscle fatigue. When you take a hot yoga class remember to drink a lot of water, both during and after class, to compensate for fluids lost from sweating. Otherwise you might experience muscle cramps or headaches.

Benefits of Hot Yoga include improved health and fitness while losing some weight in the process.

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